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The breakup of a family is troubling and stressful, often filled with threatening consequences and we respect that each situation is unique. As a starting point, it is important to state that we are here to guard, guide and defend your interests. Our law firm works to efficiently resolve complex and emotional family law issues. We are discerning in using methods designed to keep adversarial conflict to a minimum, however when called upon, we will strongly and aggressively defend your rights.

Whether you need early counseling to discuss family issues and concerns, or come to us with a pre-determined need for representation, we’ll provide objective counseling that begins with defining the particular aspects of your matter, along with the assurance and confidence you will be represented in a manner consistent with your expectations. Considering the intimate and emotional complexities that are inherent to family conflict and the legal services you engage to find resolution, it is crucial to fully understand your personal perspective and priorities. Family law involves protecting your most precious personal relationships. As such, it is important for clients to identify and understand the short and long-term impacts of particular decisions made in the course of their legal proceeding. No matter the complexity, it is important to identify goals to ensure the best outcomes for yourself and other members of your family.

The considerations and associative attributes of common family law issues are comprised within two legal ways to end a valid marriage; Dissolution or Divorce. The following provides a brief overview:


  • Parties agree on all of the terms and conditions of ending their marriage.
  • Executed in writing as a Separation Agreement filed with the Domestic Relations Court.
  • Shared Parenting Plan for the children (if applicable), prepared and filed with the Court for final approval.
  • Parties attend a final hearing before a Judge.


  • Contested, adversarial proceeding where the parties sue one another and address issues.
  • The Court ultimately decides the terms and conditions of ending the marriage.
  • Divests the parties of control over ending their marriage in lieu of the court making the final decisions.
  • The parties may negotiate a settlement any time before a divorce trial commences.

When ending a marriage, whether by dissolution or divorce, the following issues must be addressed.

Division of Marital Assets
Division of Marital Debts
Spousal Support
Child Custody
Child Support

Whether you just need to explore questions related to marital and family concerns, or expert representation to assure fairness and protection of your legal rights, contact Port Legal today.

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