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Port Legal: Estate Planning, Probate & Real Estate Law in Ohio

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Our initial exploratory consultations are completely free of charge and intended to equip you to make the best decision for you, your family and your business.

Our Legal Services


Estate Planning

Our estate planning attorney is an experts in wills, testaments, trusts and more.



Our probate attorney can help you navigate the probate successfully and quickly.


Real Estate

Our Ohio real estate attorney can aid in contracts, ownership disputes and more.

Do I Need a Living Trust?

Living trusts? Will and testament? Interested in estate planning, but unsure of what you need? We can show you which estate planning solution is the best fit for you.



Recent Posts

7 Things You Need to Know Before You Setup a Simple Will

Writing a will isn't always the most-pleasant item on your to-do list. Many of us avoid estate planning when possible. In fact, a survey by AARP noted that 2 out of 5 Americans over 45 do not have a will.  Making a simple will doesn't have to be complicated. You could have a document ready in minutes by using an online simple will form, but do you really need one?


What is Involved in Estate Administration?

After a person passes away and the initial probate filing has been made, the case goes through what’s referred to as the Estate Administration.  This generally involves identifying property of the deceased, getting control of the property, paying bills and necessary expenses, and then distributing the property to the beneficiaries.





Why Port Legal?

You are heading into unknown territory. You need a skilled guide who knows the terrain, who can guard you from misstep and protect you from potential hazards including predators; a rugged professional who will safely lead you along the right path to your final destination. This is not describing the needs of an expedition, but essentially the reasons you engage legal services.

Port Legal was formed to provide highly professional, valuable and skilled legal serving clients in Estate Planning, Probate and Real Estate Law, and Family Law. Whatever your questions or potential legal needs, please contact us by phone or email listed below. You can also make inquiry through the contact page of this website. There is never a charge for exploratory consultation and we will strive to meet with you at the earliest opportunity. Port Legal is here to Guard, Guide and Defend your concerns and interests. We look forward to serving you.