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Elder Care Law

Elder care is a specialized area of the law, requiring attorneys to focus on a variety of legal matters that impact older people that range from issues related to long term care planning, guardianship, power of attorney, health care, Social Security, and more. Port Legal is fully versed in elder care, understanding the sensitive legal matters that so often impact this vulnerable population. In fact, Port Legal is a member of ElderCounsel, a group specializing in elder care law.

Why Choose Elder Care Law?

Elder Care Experience

The subject of elder care is full of fine-print and potential for contention. An experienced elder care attorney will have the experience and know-how you need to ensure that everything is in order, whether they’re legally validating details related to wills and trusts or handling the intricacies of a Medicaid application. They’ll help you cover the entire process, not just drafting a will, and they’ll be able to help you plan for each step.

Specialized Legal Knowledge

An elder law attorney will have information about elder law matters that a general attorney won’t. Elder care law is very specific, varying from state to state , so you want to work with an attorney with intimate knowledge of Ohio’s elder care laws.

Legal Counsel

An elder care lawyer isn’t just familiar with the law, they have an understanding of complex family situations. They’re accustomed to handling inheritance issues, legal issues, divorce, benefits and care that children could lay claim to, incapacitation, and more. Your legal counselor can help you deal with the various professionals who play a significant role in a senior’s life, including doctors, caregivers, and former employers.

How do you plan for end of life for a loved one in hospice or palliative care?

Some may believe thinking of such things is disrespectful. However, planning is prudent and likely what our loved one wants us to do. This guide is designed to guide your planning in these difficult times.


How Can an Elder Care Law Attorney Help You?

Our attorney will not just help you create an estate plan, they will walk you through the personal care matters that often come up as we age. Personal protection, care, the complexities of Medicare and Medicaid are all within the purview of an elder care law attorney. They have the experience and knowledge that you need to navigate the challenges that accompany aging.

Need Help with Elder Care?

Port Legal offers free consultations with our knowledgeable elder care law attorney.

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